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Welcome to Mosswood

A fantasy world of Beasts & Critters awaits!

Mosswood is a tiny little enchanted nook buried deep within the Ancient Shademoor Forest. It is inhabited by countless little enchanted Critters, of all types! These little Critters go about their lives untouched by any human contact, as they have for centuries: by collecting nuts and berries, taking leisurely strolls in the moss and dewdrops, hosting flower-petal-tea parties, hiding from Fearsome Forest Fiends, and writing each other lovely little letters to pass the time! Life is peaceful here in the three Neighborhoods of Mosswood, and the three Critter Clans live in harmony.

Professor Mossbadger has a keen ear for the News of the Wood. He is something of an expert on the comings and goings of Mosswood, and has begun to send out a grand Forest Report once a month to one and all! 

Will you join the Otters, Opossums, Owls, and others in a letter-writing journey to Mosswood? Create your character and join our Woodland Adventure today! Our first six-month Chapter is opening soon!

Join our world!

Sign up to play Chapter One! As a game player, you'll be able to explore Mosswood, interact with your Neighbors, and help solve the mysteries of Shademoor Forest, all from the comfort of your own home! Click the link below to view our subscriptions.

Subscriptions for Chapter One are sold out!

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Create Your Critter!

Choose to play one of the Gentle Critters of the Wood, one of the Bold Beasts of the Brush, or one of the Savvy Skyfolk of the Air in our three-step Critter Creation process. Create your own background story and bio while building your own tales in a fantasy forest wonderland! Click the link below to check out our Active Critters page.

Play By Mail!

Write letters to other characters living in Mosswood, while building long-lasting and  meaningful relationships. Make friends and interact with other players through our private Discord server. Stay safe while you play; all mail is sent to and from our official PO Box for this contact-free role play game!

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Play Tester?

If you participated in the Play Test and will be joining us for Chapter One, don't worry! You'll get first access to renewals on August 1st via Password. You can continue playing your established Critter, Beast, or Skyfolk, choose to create a new one, or sign up for a new Support Subscription to follow along!

Subscriptions for Chapter One are sold out!

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