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     Back when the Shademoor was Founded, The Watchworth family of wolves were scholars and guides to their more vulnerable friends. Living in one of the oldest homes, the Watchworth Wolves became a well respected family within Shademoor, but has since moved on to different forests, leaving Watchworth Manor to crumble behind them, leaving only ghost stories and myths. Until two years ago, the lights suddenly came back on inside the dusty old home, and ever since, strange things happen in Willowglade at night.

     The now sole owner and habitat of the Manor, Ms. Alaide Watchworth Wullf, is an eccentric writer and ex-adventurer, having returned home under mysterious circumstances after years abroad. With so much house and history to rediscover, and a tendency to walk in the woods a night, she was in town a full two years before the rest of the critter knew that she was there, and was so invested in discovering the secrets of the old house, became a bit of a recluse within her home in the process. Fearing that the forest has moved on without her, A. Wuulf has decided that she must brave the world outside her home and make friends, but...after so long, she has quite forgotten how.

     She is forgetful, a touch shy, and prone to talking to herself, or simply acting as if no one else was around, which was just fine before, but now has given her an odd, maybe even sinister reputation among the critters. Living in crumbling manor, walking in the moonlight and dressing like something out of a slightly mad history book may not help either.

     But what she has not forgotten is her love of writing, research and documenting. Ah! A solution! She will go among them in secret, record her findings meticulously and make a plan to find among them just the best of friends! What could be strange about someone slinking around taking notes on everyone?

     Beyond that, those who do get close to A. Wuulf with find, a warm, quirky woman who loves telling stories and citrus sweets, and at one time, was a lover of dance and party, though the manor is in no shape to host anything without some intense care and repair. She may have forgotten the steps at present, but with the right people, even this old wolf may find her music again.

     A mature gray wolf, dark fur that is starting to spot white and near her ears, and bright gray eyes, usually seen peering at you from the shadows of dusk or dawn, with an overly toothy, but warm, (at least she thinks) smile.

     When seen properly, which is infrequent, Ms. A Wuulf is seen in outfits that seem a bit out of place, antiquated uniform pieces for shopping and elaborate, if off color ball gowns for a jaunt in the forest. You would swear she blindly pulled her outfits from some oddball trunk left locked away for 30 to 80 years and you would be quite correct.

     The only constant seems to be the ink splatter that adorns her fingers and garment on a near constant basis, for if she is seen, she is seen in a shadow or apart from the crowd at a town gathering, writing something furiously in one of her many notebooks, frequently after observing her neighbors for a time.

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