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Get to know your Neighbors!

Updated November 8, 2022.


Active Critters

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PC Adelaide Wuulf.png
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Wolf - She/Her
Watchworth Manor Oakrun
June 26 (47)

A. Wuulf

     A mature gray wolf, dark fur that is starting to spot white and near her ears, and bright gray eyes, usually seen peering at you from the shadows of dusk or dawn, with an overly toothy, but warm, (at least she thinks) smile.

     When seen properly, which is infrequent, Ms. A Wuulf is seen in outfits that seem a bit out of place, antiquated uniform pieces for shopping and elaborate, if off color ball gowns for a jaunt in the forest. You would swear she blindly pulled her outfits from some oddball trunk left locked away for 30 to 80 years and you would be quite correct.

     The only constant seems to be the ink splatter that adorns her fingers and garment on a near constant basis, for if she is seen, she is seen in a shadow or apart from the crowd at a town gathering, writing something furiously in one of her many notebooks, frequently after observing her neighbors for a time.

     Back when the Shademoor was Founded, The Watchworth family of wolves were scholars and guides to their more vulnerable friends. Living in one of the oldest homes, the Watchworth Wolves became a well respected family within Shademoor, but has since moved on to different forests, leaving Watchworth Manor to crumble behind them, leaving only ghost stories and myths. Until two years ago, the lights suddenly came back on inside the dusty old home, and ever since, strange things happen in Willowglade at night.

     The now sole owner and habitat of the Manor, Ms. Alaide Watchworth Wullf, is an eccentric writer and ex-adventurer, having returned home under mysterious circumstances after years abroad. With so much house and history to rediscover, and a tendency to walk in the woods a night, she was in town a full two years before the rest of the critter knew that she was there, and was so invested in discovering the secrets of the old house, became a bit of a recluse within her home in the process. Fearing that the forest has moved on without her, A. Wuulf has decided that she must brave the world outside her home and make friends, but...after so long, she has quite forgotten how.

     She is forgetful, a touch shy, and prone to talking to herself, or simply acting as if no one else was around, which was just fine before, but now has given her an odd, maybe even sinister reputation among the critters. Living in crumbling manor, walking in the moonlight and dressing like something out of a slightly mad history book may not help either.

     But what she has not forgotten is her love of writing, research and documenting. Ah! A solution! She will go among them in secret, record her findings meticulously and make a plan to find among them just the best of friends! What could be strange about someone slinking around taking notes on everyone?

     Beyond that, those who do get close to A. Wuulf with find, a warm, quirky woman who loves telling stories and citrus sweets, and at one time, was a lover of dance and party, though the manor is in no shape to host anything without some intense care and repair. She may have forgotten the steps at present, but with the right people, even this old wolf may find her music again.
PC Agatha Webster.png
Hedgehog - She/Her
32 Hedgerow Lane
November 18 (68)

Mrs. Agatha Webster

     Small, brown and round, with yellow-tipped spines. She can often be seen going into the woods with a basket or coming out with a basket full of mushrooms or berries. If she happens to be sitting, she is often knitting if not having a tea cup in her hand.
     Agatha lives with her beloved husband Henry, who is a bit more reclusive than his social wife. But in turn Agatha also enjoys a quiet night knitting and drinking tea at home in front of a fireplace. She has recently retired from her job as a librarian, while Henry has turned over his general store to one of their daughters to run. Her sister Augusta lives next door, and they frequently visit each other to have tea and cakes while knitting.

     Agatha loves to socialize with all kinds of critters outside of her neighborhood and social circles. Anyone who loves books or maps or any kinds of crafts will find a willing conversation partner in Agatha. She is a bit of a busybody, but she always means well and doesn't consider that she's gossiping; she mainly is interested in her fellow critters. While she goes by Mrs. Agatha Webster, she's not big on titles and definitely is never offended if you were to leave it out.
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Hare - She/Her
Sunflower Field Burrow 13
June 10 (20)

Ms. Allison Poppy

     Ms. Allison Poppy is a small, fluffy, gray hare. Her bright blue eyes shimmer with wonder about the world. Her ears are filled with white tufts of hair that resemble fluffy clouds. Ms. Poppy likes to wear simple, dresses for everyday wear, leaving her more fanciful dresses for parties.

     Allison Poppy is one of the newer members of Brambleton, moving from a large city to the quaint little town. Before that she lived with her ma and pa on their family farm.

     Despite not being able to grow anything in the big city, Ms. Poppy is a natural green thumb. She loves to grow carrots and potatoes as those are her favorite and will have you over for tea anytime you want.

     Ms. Poppy has a big heart and is looking to find that special someone! She also enjoys tea time, parties and events where there's lots of good friends and good food.
PC Bertha Birchnut.png
Play Tester Badge_edited.png
Beaver - She/Her
933 Big Birch
February 4 (34)

Bertha Birchwood

     Bertha is a big old creature, round as a beaver ought to be, with a friendly square shaped face and warm brown eyes. One isn't quite sure of her exact height, since she tends to hunch in on herself awkwardly when she waddled around, and her footsteps, if not carefully placed, are a touch clumsy. She likes to collect pretty rocks and shiny shells, and often wears a small satchel or a fanny pack to store her latest gathers from the bottom of the riverbed.
     Papercrafter Bertha is a fine proper young beaver, a diligent worker and an enthusiast of all things wood and paper. You wouldn't quite know that though, with how quiet she is. Bertha is quite the anxious young thing, she speaks in a mumbled sort of stutter and is awfully clumsy. She means well though, and she's awfully observant when she's not busy panicking over being seen. She's seen a lot. She's not very stealthy.

R-NPC: Mali Feathersong

     Mali is a chestnut-backed chickadee: a wild smattering of browns and reds and blacks. Her feathers are in a constant state of disarray: they always seem to be slightly ruffled, and she tends to wear an oversized backpack or pouch (you can imagine the awkwardness this makes for flying) and little aviator goggles made out of acorn shells. More recently she has taken to wearing an oversized floppy witch hat, which she wears with delight.
     The best way to describe Mali is restless: she can't seem to stay still. This could mean fidgeting with her feathers or one of the many knickknacks in her backpack, but it also refers to her restless spirit, her need to be everywhere and see everything. This does lead to a profound nosiness - Mali is a bit of a gossip and loves to know what absolutely everyone is up to - but a gentler way of saying it is that she is extremely curious. She loves to ask questions, to learn and discover, though she does have a bit of a collector's spark in her, and she loves to gather materials for her 'Knick Knacks and Curios' stand. The materials she gathers, she uses to craft little trinkets, and she travels between the three areas of Shademoor Forest as a little traveling merchant -- though she prefers swaps to outright selling trinkets, as every swap comes with a good story.

She rather enjoys taking those stories and trinkets and squirreling them away for various witchy shenanigans - Mali has taken to labeling herself a witch practitioner in training. Watch out! Though she means the best, Mali is a touch sticky-fingered (sticky-clawed), and does love grabbing or harvesting interesting looking objects she sees. Mali moved to Pebblebrook only a few months prior, and is currently living in the Big Birch Tree (you know the one) with her dear friend and mentor, Professor Birchwood and his niece Bertha.
PC Mali Feathersong 02.png
Play Tester Badge_edited.png
Chickadee - She/They
933 Big Birch
PC Briony Fable.png
Bobcat - They/Them
8 Hawthorn Lane
February 24 (35)

Briony Fable

     Briony Fable is a contradictory sort of Critter: nervous and shy, but still determined and enduring. They are a soft gray Bobcat with brownish-black spots and stripes. The tufts of fur at the top of their ears and the sides of their face are especially fluffy, particularly in the fall and winter months. Briony is missing their back left leg, and have adjusted to getting around without it. They carry around them an air of wanting to participate, but being unsure if they are invited. Briony is new to Mosswood, and can often be found exploring around that next tree, eyes full of wonder.
     Willowglade is home to many bold beasts; Briony is a Beast, and would like to be Bold, so this seemed like the right place for them to start. They are a quiet Bobcat, but quick to offer help to those that need it, whether their baskets are too heavy to carry or if they need someone to sit with them in companionable silence. There's a pull and tug to Briony's disposition; they often waffle between eagerness and reserved distance. Those who have spent time with them around their outdoor fire pit have all been treated to delicious, toasty treats perfumed with smoke and pine needles.
PC Chessie Von Chesterfield.png
Squirrel - She/Her
21st Branch from the Top
Pine Valley
August 22 (80)

Lady Chessie Von Chesterfield

     Lady Von Chesterfield is silver gray with a very fluffy tail and a sweet smile.
     Chessie is pretty old, (as you can see.) She has lived just about everywhere -- city, country, seaside, and right here and now -- retired in Mosswood! She does have two very dear friends here, and does look forward to meeting some other critters. Her family is pretty huge, 17 children and 42 or so grandchildren. Most of them live in the country where food is plentiful and there is lots of space to run.

     She is pretty mild mannered, and likes to bring people together and look out for those needing help. She, myself, has been chased away from many a bird nest, in her day! That is why she chose to retire here in the town of Mosswood. Peace and quiet and lots of fresh nuts, berries and seeds!
PC Clovis Hollowthorn.png
Fox - He/Him
Hollowthorn Hills
The Carriage House
May 29 (27)

Mr. Clovis J. Hollowthorn

     Clovis is a well dressed fox, though a few items are worn at the edges. His fur coat is clean and shiny as he values being well kept. His left ear has a notch that if you're lucky he'll share the story of the adventure in which he gained it. He has a flash of white on his muzzle that reaches a bit further up around his eyes than average.
     Clovis is of the Hollowthorn family, one of the more well known in Brambleton due to their social stature. They have owned one of the main shoppes in town, the Brambleton Bizarre, since nearly the start of the community and carries all sorts of goods.

     It was expected for Clovis to take over the business but instead he has insisted on traveling and adventuring to find new ways to support the community. He has always believed that a united community is a well cared for one and he wishes to do more than just sell goods. He hopes that his little sister Claire will take over the business (perhaps keeping him as a partner) in the future.

     He is ebullient and cheerful to speak with and will happily chatter away, discussing other communities and things he's found on his journeys.
PC Demryn Oystereater.png
Otter - They/Them
#12 Ocean Shore Lane
November 12 (31)

Mx Demryn Oystereater

     Demryn is a sea Otter of rather average proportions. They have a light brown face with a dark sable body and a black nose. Their face is round and their nails are kept neatly trimmed on their black paws. Their eyes are a dark black and their sharp teeth are a pristine white. Although they look like they could be an accomplished swimmer, they are rarely seen in the water. Their long white whiskers are kept very well groomed at all times.

     They often dress in dresses with a waistcoat or jacket on top. Often, they will adorn their head with flower crowns, flowers behind their ears, or flowers somewhere about their critter. Even their clothes are often embroidered - sometimes rather delicately - with flowers. When they want to be fancy, they will tie up their tail in a beautiful ribbon (usually a sage green).
     Demryn was born and raised in Pebblebrook, although they are the last of their family still in the area. Most of their siblings have gone off on grand adventures, leaving Demryn at home to tend the house. That suits Demryn just fine - they are quite the homebody, and their fondest adventures are walking through the woods to find edible delicacies. Both of Demryn’s parents have passed on.

     Demryn is an excellent forager, but a terrible cook. They try very hard, but their food is nearly always inedible if it requires anything beyond shucking some oysters or assembling a salad. They can brew a nice pot of tea, but just about anything that requires culinary prowess beyond that is difficult to swallow at best. This doesn’t dissuade Demryn from trying to cook, but it does occasionally cause other critters to avoid their house at tea time.

     Demryn was raised, and continues to be, incredibly superstitious. They have a superstition to handle just about any situation, and if they don’t, they are certain they can find one in their library. Said library, while not extensive, is jam-packed with lore on luck. Demryn themself would consider themselves a bit of a luck expert - they have lived what they would consider to be a very fortunate life, and feel it is their duty to share that with others. It has even been claimed that Demryn knows how to brew a luck potion, although with their disastrous attempts at cooking…It may be best to try and convince them to share it with someone who knows the difference between a tablespoon and a teaspoon.

     Demryn is a bit of a gossip and a busybody, but they are so incredibly well-intentioned, it’s hard to take offense. They are usually trying to find solutions to other critters’ problems when they share gossip, and are known for having a plethora of good advice and sharing it freely. They are incredibly kind and sweet, and if it wasn’t for the fact that they were rather shy around newcomers, they would probably know everyone in Mosswood by now. Don’t eat the cookies they bring over, though.
PC Dohimil Olygarch.png
Otter - They/Them
Inside Curve
Pebblebrook #2
June 4 (19)

Dohimil Escanaba Olygarch

     Taller than average for most otters, Dohimil tends to wear ratty tartan vest and kilt, with a brown leather trilby hat or tartan scarf over their head.
     A wanderer at heart, Dohimil has travelled rivers and coasts extensively. Never educated and his manners tends to be rough at best. They liketo fish and farm, but wrestling and exploring tends to be true loves of life. Currently family is missing and they have been looking for them for some time.
PC Ephraim Lockwood.png
Skunk - He/Him
102 Thornbush Row
April 30 (30)

Dr. Ephraim Hobart Lockwood

     Ephraim is a skunk of average height and slender build. He has a thin white stripe down his head to his tail, and dark eyes. He often wears a full three-piece gray or black suit but will switch to something lighter if the weather is particularly warm. When he’s off the clock to spice things up he will sometimes wear his favorite olive-green suit.
     Ephraim was born and raised in a large city with his parents and younger sister. His sister, Delphina, is of poor health and so when Ephraim was old enough, he attended a prestigious medical school to become a doctor in order to better help his sister.

     After moving from practice to practice around the city, Ephraim decided to move with Delphina out to Mosswood in hopes that the fresh air would do her good. He has just set up shop, and his little doctor’s office will soon be open for business in Willowglade.

     Dr. Lockwood is a polite young man who at first may appear rather stiff. In reality he is a generous and kind skunk who will do anything to help his friends and neighbors. He is excited to set up his own practice and hopes that he will become a welcome member of the community, though the country life is new to him, and he doesn’t quite know what to expect.
PC Epiphinia Gooseberry-Stormheather.png
Raccoon - She/Her
June ? (?)


Stay tuned...
Bio coming soon!
PC Fable Moonrose.png
Skunk - He/Him
The Butter Cup
4 Toadshollow Ave.
December 7 (33)

Mr. Fable Moonrose

     Fable is a black and white skunk with traditional markings, hexagonal glasses, and very casual attire (or just an apron).
     Fable is the oldest of two siblings in the Moonrose family, with the younger being his sister, Honey. About two years ago, their parents retired and moved to the beach, leaving their tea shop to Fable. In his care, the Butter Cup has flourished. Fable has started growing his own tea plants and herbs behind the shop, hosts events, and brought a certain air of nurturing that his parents just didn't have. Fable loves to take care of people, and if he sees someone feeling down in the dumps, they'll probably be invited for a free cuppa.

     He is an anxious little skunk, and is afraid of many, many things. He's always worried about having a skunky incident, but the Butter Cup is his safe place and Fable almost always feel at ease there. Honey, who also works in the shop, is trying to force Fable to face his fears. It's not going so well. He loves tea, baking, reading, long walks, and all things cozy. Fable can be scatterbrained and wishy-washy at times, and isn't very good at following through on his plans.

     Anyone looking for a safe place, a quiet spot, or a friend can find it at the Butter Cup!
PC Harriet Hoppington.png
Hare - She/Her
Burrow on the Left
After the Big Oak Tree
December 24 (50)

Ms. Harriet Hoppington

     Harriet is a plump, fluffy, white rabbit with soft brown spots here and there. She loves to eat sweet treats and drink tea all day long! She has large, shiny dark brown eyes. Harriet wears big fluffy sweaters that she knits herself.
     Harriet has always wanted to move to Mosswood to settle in Pebblebrook and she's finally done it! She lives in a nice sized burrow with her books and all her shiny treasures that she farms for. She also farms for carrots and other yummy things to give to friends or sell at the market in town. Her farm has a large clearing that she hops on and farms on as well! The forested area on her farm is so nice for hopping and foraging in. In between both of those is a small stream with the best water for drinking or swimming on a hot day.

     Harriet is a bit shy but really wants to make friends in her new town. She's excited to get to know new critters. She wants to be a part of all the interesting activities around town!

     Harriet has a friend that comes to her farm. He's a frog. Named Mack. He's there sometimes for a week, sometimes for a day. One can never tell when that will happen but always ask because he likes to hide under the chair in the kitchen drinking tea.
PC Helen Hopper.png
Hedgehog - She/Her
Bumpy Tree Root
July 3 (50)

Helen Hopper

     Helen is a round little hedgehog with sparkling and inviting dark eyes. She loves to wear flowers on her head, and yellow ones are her favorite! She often wears a long apron or big full skirt that she created. You can tell what she is up to by her outfit - is it the paint splattered apron? The skirt with yarn and thread trimmings stuck everywhere? Her fancy ribbon and lace pinafore that's perfect for strolling in the sun? Helen's body may have some prickles, but her warm smile and community spirit let everyone know she's full of fun and kindness!
     Helen lives in the burrow next to her shop in the roots of a large tree in Brambleton. It's her ancestral home, and she comes from a long line of independent and resourceful hedgies. Helen's hands (and mouth!) are never idle. She loves to talk, teach, and eat! The only time she's not moving as fast as her little feet can carry her is when someone shares a great story. She loves to sit and listen and let the story take root in her busy little mind.

     Helen loves to be creative, gossip, and to help the critters of her community. She will never pass up a sweet treat or an eye-catching piece of material that can be crafted into a new creation. In her shop, Creativi-Tea, critters can join a crafting class, buy or trade for the perfect item for their own project, or request a special item for their personal or business use! It's more fun to craft when you have a lovely cup of tea to compliment the project. (And it's more likely that a friend will linger to share all the latest with a tempting cup!)

     Helen loves the Sun, and it makes sense because she was born on July 3rd under the sign of the Dandelion. Helen has a warm smile, loves to visit her friends, and have old and new friends visit her special shop to get creative and have a sip!
PC Hemlock Hallowell.png
Raccoon - She/Them
August ? (?)

Mx. Hemlock Hollowell

Stay tuned...
Bio coming soon!
PC Josephine Warrington.png
Hare - She/Her
Birches Manor
Play Tester Badge_edited.png
March 3 (25)

Josephine Warrington

     A snowshoe hare, hazel eyes, athletic body, handsome. Wear the assigned captain clothes during the week, but very lavish looks for balls. Confident, proud, bored by society but generally charismatic about it. Perhaps aloof.
     Born and raised with money, had done it all. Now is feeling restless as there are few critters who will duel them anymore. Currently the captain of the Lady LaQueuille vessel.
PC Renfred Thurlow Crest.png
Goose - He/Him
Middle of the Pond
October 30 (42)


     Krest is a large goose with much scruff to his feathers. He used to be a quite bright white but has browned with age. His head neck feathers are a light tan, with only the tips of his wings and tail feathers still showing off that youthful white. He can be quite intimidating to look at as his feathers cover just enough of his eyes to make him look not pleased.

     For clothes, Krest often shows off some sense of style with his selection of bandanas, wore on either head or neck.
     Lounging on his houseboat in the middle of the small pond, you might take Krest as the "get off my lawn" type neighbor. He definitely isn't what you call approachable. But everyone in Pebblebrook has learned to love the gruff exterior and still often beckon him over to the waters edge to ask for help for one thing or the other.

     Krest cares, quite deeply honestly, for those around him, but is a bit hard-headed to show that with words. Actions are where his feelings come out, unless of course you are being a bother then words will suit him quite ok. You'll be far-fetched to find a truly quiet goose. Despite the serious nature his focus brings, he does quite enjoy a joke as long as it isn't as his expense. While nowhere near the class clown, his dry humor never well, runs dry.

     He wasn't always living in Mosswood. He traveled a lot throughout his youth and adulthood but never quite says to where. Eventually taking up resident in Pebblebrook he tried homes in trees and groves, but liked the semi-solitude of floating in the middle of a small pond. With the all the birds around it's not like it was truly private but it was his. And Krest takes a lot of pride in how his home looks, constantly pruning it more than himself. If he's home, he's redecorating.

     Outside of the home, he takes his morning walks and afternoon flights. During some evenings he joins in the neighborhood watch, taking the aerial view of course. And when there is a lost object, critters seek him out to help. He has quite the knack for locating things. But despite all this, it seems like no one hardly knows who he is really is.
PC Lobelia Swiftfoot.png
Hare - She/Her
13 Wildflower Lane
June 9 (28)

Ms. Lobelia Swiftfoot

     Lobelia is a russet-colored hare with a pointed face and shiny black eyes. She has white markings beneath her nose and chin, and the tips of her long ears are a very dark umber. When out and about, she wears sundresses and jumpers, occasionally paired with a straw hat. However, as she works, she typically opts to wear trousers and a buttoned-down shirt with an apron, for ease of movement.
     A native to Mosswood, Lobelia is a self-starter who worked hard to build her own business in Brambleton from the ground up. She does not have a storefront, or even a shop name, but she conducts her work from a studio in the back of her burrow. This tidy room houses a rainbow array of threads, fabrics, and parchments, neatly organized with the proper instruments and accoutrement for binding and repairing books. Her clientage was formed by word of mouth or from being discovered at the flea market, where she sells blank page journals she has bound.

     Although a bit of a workaholic, Lobelia finds time throughout the day to rest and find enjoyment in the little things. Her home is a cozy place, with a comfortable sofa by the fireplace, blankets readily at hand, a kettle continuously brewing, and, of course, shelves lined with books. She likes collecting small things and has an album where she keeps a collection of stamps and pressed flowers. On the wall of her kitchen is an impressive display of teaspoons she has acquired throughout the years.

     She enjoys dropping in on one of her many family members in Mosswood for current news and gossip. Word travels fast through the warren! The younger hares can always look to Lobelia to be a listening ear and to give her ofttimes not-so-sage advice. They also know that to get on her good side, she has an acute weakness for baked goods, especially strawberry rhubarb pie.

     While she may seem like a bit of a homebody with her comfortable routine, deep down Lobelia has a heart for adventure. When she gets the itch to explore, she uses it as an opportunity to find new places, meet new critters, and to learn something new.
PC Madame Marmalade.png
Squirrel - She/Her
Broadoak B & B
2425 Broadoak Way
April 17 (65+)

Madame Marmalade (Marm)

     Madame Marmalade is a senior Eastern Fox Squirrel. No one would ever call her old, not in her thinking, nor in her way of being. Her rust colored fur has a few strands of silver in it. She likes to dress nicely in brighter colors to meet her guests at the B & B, but can be seen in less colorful clothes when she is cleaning between guests. On her way to Mosswood she happened to find a beautiful sparkling silver chain, on which hangs a small golden key. She wears this around her neck and never takes it off.
     Marmalade had several litters and all her children are doing well. With the death of her husband and her family doing well she decided she needed a change. She decided to open up a B& B in the tree she had moved into. She noticed there were 3 empty nests in it that will suit birds and any other animal that can nest in a tree. She has furnished her B & B well and sees to the comfort of her guests. Her breakfasts are excellent and her guests are sure to rave about her cooking. She is very social and has had her friends and neighbors trust in her old neighborhood. She can be counted on to keep a confidence and help out in a pinch. She has thought that she would like to learn more about Mosswood and thinks adventuring could also liven up her life.
PC Marjorie Talonscourt.png
Play Tester Badge_edited.png
Owl - She/Her
Talonscourt Roost
Upper Branch Twelve
December 13 (70+)

Mama Marjorie

     Marjorie is an older horned owl, quite round and quite soft. Her deep brown feathers have turned whiter over time, so she is often mistaken for a snowy owl, though she is slightly smaller than her snowy cousins. Her large eyes match her feathers of earlier seasons, a deep rich soil colour, flecked with sunlight. She's missing a couple of feathers under her left wing, but that doesn't affect her flying.. she's still as silent in the air as she ever was, at least on the rare occasion when she chooses to leave her nest-home, that is.

     Everyone just knows her as "Mama Marjorie". She's been around as long as anyone can remember, and nobody would remember her last name except it's the name of her roost; it's also how anyone speaks of her late mate ("Mr. Talonscourt"). Marjorie misses her dearest Hoobert and all her younglings - both her own and those she's taken in along the way. She's recently become a true empty-nester, and hasn't quite adjusted to the overly quiet state of things.
     Mama Marjorie is known as a kindly old Owl, wise and motherly as the nickname would suggest. A teacher and mentor who raises and takes in many a youngling (who will always be younglings to her no matter their actual age). She will, however, give a good scolding where needed, though sparingly; being on the receiving end of a Mama Marjorie 'make better choices' talk means something has gone rather amiss. Willowglade's Mama is observant but does turn her sharp eyes away from some mistakes - it's the best way to learn after all.
     She loves her baking - seed bread is her specialty - and keeps her wings busied with a variety of crafting arts as a way to fill her home again. Visitors are always welcome, as is news and gossip, and all manner of correspondence.
     It's curious that someone with so much knowledge and experience and a social nature isn't seen outside her home and attends no seasonal gatherings...
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