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Story Summoner
Backing Badger


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Logistics Liaison
Budgeting Bobcat
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     Currently a Cost Accountant in the steel manufacturing industry working on her CMA certification, Mina also has experience in Veterinary Medicine and Animal Nutrition, Traditional Animation, Fashion Design, and Retail and Food Service Management, among way too many other fields.

     She lives with her husband, two dogs, and cat in a surprisingly normal house where she enjoys far too many hobbies and interests for her own good, as most of these hobbies involve collections.

     A digital gamer since the NES came out in 1985, Mina has been a Letter LARPer since February of 2021. Her favorite parts are character creation, prop-making, and creating story continuity. With as much as she loves RPGs and costuming, LARP is right up her alley!

     Mina would much rather be a dragon, and admits to watching an excessive amount of cartoons. She will happily discuss either at any time.

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