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Critter Bios: Pebblebrook

Pebblebrook is a riverfront community nestled among copious reeds and willows. It has a waterway
in and out of Mosswood and plenty of marshlands, making it ideal for Adventures.
Think of it as the Mosswood version of the American Bayou!
A is for Adventuring.png
C for Crafting.png
01 JAN Sage.png
02 FEB Laurel.png
03 MAR Beachgrass.png
04 APR Cattail.png
F is for Farming.png
T is for Teaching.png
05 MAY Cactus.png
06 JUN Tulip.png
07 JUL Dandelion.png
08 AUG Water Lily.png
P is for Protecting.png
W is for Wooing.png
09 SEP Eucalyptus.png
10 OCT Oak.png
11 NOV Ivy.png
12 DEC Willow.png
PC Carmine Miru.png
02 FEB Laurel.png

Mr. Carmine Miru

Opossum - He/Him
Red Door Atelier
2nd Cottonwood Crescent
Carmine is an opossum of diminutive stature. He's often found with bits of dye staining his paws from whatever projects he's working on at the moment. He always dresses in beautiful naturally dyed fabrics with interesting textures and patterns.

Sensitive and private, Carmine finds it difficult to open up emotionally to others. His days are spent in the loneliness of his atelier where he dyes various yarns, threads and fabrics to be sold to local artisans. He is always on the lookout for interesting and new materials to dye with, and can be found foraging for dyestuff, venturing into the wilderness. He may come off as standoffish, and may seem opinionated when it comes to fibre, but he has a good heart underneath the prickly exterior! He has a great eye for detail and likes to make special gifts for those he care about.

Despite his best efforts to appear presentable when stepping into town, bits of colorful fluff inevitably find way to cling onto his back where he cannot see; gently remove it from him if you will, he will be thankful!
PC Florence Barkbottom.png
11 NOV Ivy.png

Ms. Florence Barkbottom

Otter - She/Her
Bio coming soon!
PC Hadrol Quickpaw.png
11 NOV Ivy.png

Captain Hadrol Quickpaw

Opossum - She/Her
528 Twisting Creek Lane
Hadrol is a rather large opossum. Her coat is darker than typical(think a dusty grey instead of white). Her life of adventuring has left her looking a touch bedraggled; ears are marked with a notch or two and her coat is marked by the odd scar here or there. But she keeps herself looking presentable despite this, often wearing various shinies or baubles and sporting a patched Captain’s hat.

Captain Hadrol Quickpaw (Haddie for short) is a collector at heart. Her years spent adventuring have always been in search of interesting knick-knacks, baubles, or other shiny treasures. The tales of her searches are an open book to those who ask, and you might even be lucky enough to hear how she commandeered a ship and received the title of Captain. Whether this story is true, who knows?

Now, however, the chatty opossum has decided to take up a more permanent residence amongst the folks of Pebblebrook. The local streams and forest are still a proper hunting ground for all manner of curiosities, and Haddie welcomes any who wish to trade or barter for her various found treasures.
PC Mali Feathersong 02.png
11 NOV Ivy.png

Miss Mali Feathersong

Chickadee - She/They
933 Big Birch
Mali is a chestnut-backed chickadee: a wild smattering of browns and reds and blacks. Her feathers are in a constant state of disarray: they always seem to be slightly ruffled, and she tends to wear an oversized backpack or pouch (you can imagine the awkwardness this makes for flying) and little aviator goggles made out of acorn shells. More recently she has taken to wearing an oversized floppy witch hat, which she wears with delight.

The best way to describe Mali is restless: she can't seem to stay still. This could mean fidgeting with her feathers or one of the many knickknacks in her backpack, but it also refers to her restless spirit, her need to be everywhere and see everything. This does lead to a profound nosiness - Mali is a bit of a gossip and loves to know what absolutely everyone is up to - but a gentler way of saying it is that she is extremely curious. She loves to ask questions, to learn and discover, though she does have a bit of a collector's spark in her, and she loves to gather materials for her 'Knick Knacks and Curios' stand. The materials she gathers, she uses to craft little trinkets, and she travels between the three areas of Shademoor Forest as a little traveling merchant -- though she prefers swaps to outright selling trinkets, as every swap comes with a good story.

She rather enjoys taking those stories and trinkets and squirreling them away for various witchy shenanigans - Mali has taken to labeling herself a witch practitioner in training.

Watch out! Though she means the best, Mali is a touch sticky-fingered (sticky-clawed), and does love grabbing or harvesting interesting looking objects she sees.

Mali moved to Pebblebrook only a few months prior, and is currently living in the Big Birch Tree (you know the one) with her dear friend and mentor, The Professor.
PC Orville Twigworth.png

Mr. Orville Thaddeus Twigworth

Opossum - He/Him
Behind the Hollow Log
Orville is tall / long for a possum. He's a sturdy guy used to long walks in the moonlight. He's always ready for a ramble or dig in the trash. Despite his preference for wearing waistcoats of tweed, he's not particularly fussy and knows that sometimes you have to get a bit dirty. He's very fond making and drinking dandelion wine and true to his species more active in the evening. He tells a lot of jokes that he thinks are hilarious. Orville will scream in delight, or fear or really for no reason at all. He also falls over a lot. He loves to "play possum".

Orville is quite a businessman. His first venture was Hollow Log Thrift, a place where forest dwellers can swap and buy various twigs, acorns, shinies, scraps, string, wool, feathers, really anything useful and decorative. This forest trading post and meeting place is doing well enough that Orville decided to open up a 2nd location in Brambleton, Big Log Resale. Additionally he is part owner of Bleached Skull Hardware, a desert outlet famous for their "trowels for snakes".

Orville travels around the forest looking for merchandise for his businesses. He can be lured to the edges by a shiny trash can. He's also always interested in new schemes and hearing about adventures. Just don't ask Orville to get up before about 4pm. That sun is bright. You might be better off trying to catch him at 6am before he goes to bed if you're an early bird.

Due to his investment in Bleached Skull Hardware, Orville has learned that most snakes are pretty ok -- at least not any worse than your average predator. They really just want to be left alone to slither in the grass. Orville doesn't want one for a roommate but he'll have a chat or a word with a snake especially if that snake is in need of garden tools or if someone needs him to negotiate. Also, pickled ticks are delicious. Do you have any?
09 SEP Eucalyptus.png
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