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Critter Bios: Willowglade

Willowglade is a shaded densely-wooded section of Mosswood, where the ferns moss grow strong.
It shares borders with unexplored areas of Mosswood, making it a perfect home for Protectors.
Think of it as the Mosswood version of the American Pacific Northwest!
A is for Adventuring.png
C for Crafting.png
01 JAN Sage.png
02 FEB Laurel.png
03 MAR Beachgrass.png
04 APR Cattail.png
F is for Farming.png
T is for Teaching.png
05 MAY Cactus.png
06 JUN Tulip.png
07 JUL Dandelion.png
08 AUG Water Lily.png
P is for Protecting.png
W is for Wooing.png
09 SEP Eucalyptus.png
10 OCT Oak.png
11 NOV Ivy.png
12 DEC Willow.png
PC Adelaide Wuulf.png

 Ms. Adelaide Watchworth Wuulf

Wolf - She/Her
Watchworth Manor
Oakrun, Willowglade
A mature gray wolf, dark fur that is starting to spot white and near her ears, and bright gray eyes, usually seen peering at you from the shadows of dusk or dawn, with an overly toothy, but warm, (at least she thinks) smile. When seen properly, which is infrequent, Ms. A Wuulf is seen in outfits that seem a bit out of place, antiquated uniform pieces for shopping and elaborate, if off color ball gowns for a jaunt in the forest. You would swear she blindly pulled her outfits from some oddball trunk left locked away for 30 to 80 years and you would be quite correct. The only constant seems to be the ink splatter that adorns her fingers and garment on a near constant basis, for if she is seen, she is seen in a shadow or apart from the crowd at a town gathering, writing something furiously in one of her many notebooks, frequently after observing her neighbors for a time. It is rare that she will approach her neighbors directly, often choosing to post pleas for help on doors or use various smaller critters as messengers so if you get a note asking for something strange out of the blue, it's likely A. Wuulf, paying you a visit under the safety of moonlight. But what on Earth does she want this time?

Living in one of the oldest homes, the Watchworth Wolves became a well respected family within Shademoor, but has since moved on to different forests, leaving Watchworth Manor to crumble behind them, leaving only ghost stories and myths. Until two years ago, the lights suddenly came back on inside the dusty old home, and ever since, strange things happen in Willowglade at night.

The now sole owner and habitat of the Manor, Ms. Alaide Watchworth Wullf, is an eccentric writer and ex-adventurer, having returned home under mysterious circumstances after years abroad. With so much house and history to rediscover, and a tendency to walk in the woods a night, she was in town a full two years before the rest of the critter knew that she was there, and was so invested in discovering the secrets of the old house, became a bit of a recluse within her home in the process. Fearing that the forest has moved on without her, A. Wuulf has decided that she must brave the world outside her home and make friends, but... After so long, she has quite forgotten how.

She is forgetful, a touch shy, and prone to talking to herself, or simply acting as if no one else was around, which was just fine before, but now has given her an odd, maybe even sinister reputation among the critters. Living in crumbling manor, walking in the moonlight and dressing like something out of a slightly mad history book may not help either.
06 JUN Tulip.png
PC Bixby Brockholm.png
05 MAY Cactus.png

Sir Bixby Brockholm

Badger - He/Him
17 Mistletoe Lane
Sir Bixby Brockholm is well-settled into his middle years, a fine, distinguished gentleman always dressed well, who is greying about the snoot and face as his formerly-stark black and white stripes are beginning to match more against the grey hair of his body. He’s still quite strong and quick for his age, and can keep up with most of the teenage troublemakers when they try to make a run for it. Bixby's most unique physical feature is that his eyes are more pale than a typical badger, perhaps leading some to believe he’s going blind as he gets older, which is a perception he’s happy to allow them to believe, but in truth he was just born with paler eyes. The fact that he wears glasses for reading adds to this misconception.

Having moved to Willowglade in adulthood, he has been a fixture in the neighborhood for many a year, and is well-known for being a bit gruff or stand-offish in person, but incredibly fair. Which is, truthfully, not a bad thing as one of the leaders of the Neighborhood Watch, who is known for dragging troublemakers home to their mothers, or keeping the riff raff out of town.

There is no shortage of gossip around Sir Bixby, as it is known he’s a serial monogamist, who has been married no less than six times since his arrival in Willowglade, yet every marriage has always ended in divorce long before children came into the picture. Which is not to say he has no family, as he is responsible for his ward, a young-adult skunk named Primrose Waverly, who lost her family in a tragic cart accident about 10 years ago. She’s a bundle of pastel joy, and will happily talk your ear off all day long, which seems to balance Sir Bixby’s quietness very well.

Counter to his quiet, serious demeanor, he is quite eloquent in the written word. He’s perceptive, and much more comfortable listening to others talk than speaking about himself, which aids in the pursuit of romantic endeavors, but is often the reason that his relationships don’t last. Known to be very fair when there is a dispute or trouble comes to pass, Bixby merely wants his little town to be comfortable and content in their lives, which often means being protective over those who have been hurt in the past, or who aren’t good at protecting themselves.

In his free time, Bixby is fond of carpentry and home building. He’s build a fantastic den for himself and Primrose, with many small details and skill that can be seen in the woodwork. For those he has affection for, it’s not uncommon to receive various gifts - a cradle for a new couple expecting children, a rocking chair as someone becomes a grandparent or enters older age - or to just find him helping fix up damages to homes after a storm
PC Cedar Wildfeathers.png
03 MAR Beachgrass.png

Lady Cedar Wildfeathers

Blue Jay - She/Her
Bio coming soon!
PC Holden Hoots Shadepath.png
09 SEP Eucalyptus.png

Holden "Hoots" Shadepath

Owl - He/Him
Bio coming soon!
PC Chandramukhi Rivulet.png

Mx. Chandramukhi "Lani" Rivulet

Chipmunk - They/She
32 River Delta Way
Lani is a chipmunk of average size, though her face has the charming, powdered sugar face of a chipmunk older than her age, a striking look against the darker-than-average fur on the rest of her body. They have a large collection of aprons that they carefully select every morning before going to work but are never spotted without the usual pair of worn leather boots. Though they do not dress particularly flashy, you will catch a glimpse of shiny gold adorning an ear, finger, wrist, or toe. She seems to have a particular fondness for flowers, which she frequently tucks behind an ear or weave into the longer fur on her tail.

Lani is a creature of habit, not quite living up to their romantic name (preferring "Lani" over Chandramukhi in all but he most formal of situations), instead choosing to spend most days indoors with their live-in platonic partner, a badger named Muir Stoutcreek (an old family friend). Every morning (Lani is quite the early riser), she takes the same mint tea her Thatha (grandfather), N.G. Roy, first gave her many moons ago. Every evening, she allows herself to nibble on two perfectly cut slices of brioche slathered with freshly churned butter (made by her own two paws!) and a generous heap of dark chocolate sprinkles. And every year for her birthday, she indulges in a pomegranate seed-covered lokum.

Many years ago, Lani dreamed of travelling to where her Thatha was from and to learn the many recipes that were lost when he passed. Though now, decades later, Lani barely thinks of it anymore. She has fell into the routine of opening her hole-in-the-tree restaurant, Full Moon Curries & Stews, right before noon, taking a nap in the afternoon on a slow day, before reopening right after sunset for dinner. (She prefers watching the sun dip under the horizon from a tall branch alone, without the worries of a customer.) Sometimes, she wonders how she continued these daily doldrums for so long, and hopes to find adventure again.
12 DEC Willow.png
12 DEC Willow.png

Mrs. Marjorie Talonscourt

Owl - She/Her
Talonscourt Roost,
Upper Branch Twelve, ElderPine Willowglade
Marjorie is an older horned owl, quite round and quite soft. Her deep brown feathers have turned whiter over time, so she is often mistaken for a snowy owl, though she is slightly smaller than her snowy cousins. Her large eyes match her feathers of earlier seasons, a deep rich soil colour, flecked with sunlight. She's missing a couple of feathers under her left wing, but that doesn't affect her flying.. she's still as silent in the air as she ever was, at least on the rare occasion when she chooses to leave her nesthome, that is.

Everyone just knows her as "Mama Marjorie". She's been around as long as anyone can remember, and nobody would remember her last name except it's the name of her roost; it's also how anyone speaks of her late mate ("Mr. Talonscourt"). Marjorie misses her dearest Hoobert and all her younglings - both her own and those she's taken in along the way. She's recently become a true empty-nester, and hasn't quite adjusted to the overly quiet state of things.

Mama Marjorie is known as a kindly old Owl, wise and motherly as the nickname would suggest. A teacher and mentor who raises and takes in many a youngling (who will always be younglings to her no matter their actual age). She will, however, give a good scolding where needed, though sparingly; being on the receiving end of a Mama Marjorie 'make better choices' talk means something has gone rather amiss. Willowglade's Mama is observant but does turn her sharp eyes away from some mistakes - it's the best way to learn after all.

She loves her baking - seed bread is her specialty - and keeps her wings busied with a variety of crafting arts as a way to fill her home again. Visitors are always welcome, as is news and gossip, and all manner of correspondence.
PC Pepik Brydshire.png
05 MAY Cactus.png

Pepik Byridshire

Blue Jay - He/Him
3 Bluebell Lane
An average to larger size bluejay, Sharp beaked and keen eyed. Noticeably never without his trademark bright red scarf looped around his neck and shoulders. Always seen chewing on something, be it a stalk of wheat or sweet grass.

For such a brightly colored creature, Pepik’s outlook can be dour. Tends to think very highly of himself and his siblings on the wing, and his opinions can be seen as dismissive or even elitist when it comes to the argument of land verses sky. Though , for all his cawing, ask this cocky young bird down into a burrow or further underground and watch him go from blue to yellow!

Typically found among the Owls, Particularly in the company of Obelisk Nightclaw, a short-eared Owl, his oldest friend. The pair are often seen in the boughs, watching everything that goes on at the surface level and whispering earnestly. Turn your back however, and they will disappear just as quickly as they came with barely a dropped feather, to mischief unknown.

Though he never engages in the behavior with malice, Pepik sometimes has sticky fingers, and tends to hoard his little treasures in his home, Intending on giving the pilfered items new life in various crafts. Up until recently Only Obelisk and Mama Marjorie have been allowed inside his home to see his hoard!

For all his shenanigans, Pepik has a more noble dream. His home has a massive collection of acorns, well cared for and ready to be planted and grow into a massive, hearty forest. As soon as he’s given permission, and finds just the right spot for his treasures to grow the best, he’ll start. Any day now. As long as it’s perfect.
PC Vivi Villin V.png
09 SEP Eucalyptus.png

Vivienne "Vivi" Villin V

Bobcat - She/Her
327 Limerick Lane
A little bobcat who is just old enough to survive on her own. Her nose is often covered in some kind of dirt, and she has a particularly fluffy tail.

Lady Vivienne "Vivi" Villin the Fifth is a new arrival in town. She reached the age of adulthood in her family and is now off on an adventure to explore the forest and learn what she likes. Prone to mischief and merriment, Vivi's youth shines through in all she does. A lover of games and new places, she'll almost always take you up on an invitation--unless it's raining, in which case she will avoid the hated weather with tea and a good book.
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