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Hosted by A. Wuulf

According to olde Mosswood legend, the night of the Blood Moon is a special time, in which the invisible curtain that separates our world from that of the Ghosts and Ghouls is drawn aside, and we can cross back and forth between the two. While some Critters attempt to cross into their realm for one night, most try to prevent the opposite! By staying vigilant until dawn and participating in olde superstitions to keep the Ghosts and Ghouls at bay until the next Blood Moon, the Critters of Mosswood have turned olde Forest Rituals into a party!


This month we will be celebrating a Blood Moon on the night of November 8th, as the light from the Sun is completely blocked from shining upon the lonely Moon’s surface by an Eclipse. This year is very special, as we will have had two Blood Moons! The next Lunar Eclipse after this November will not be for three whole years, and it’s been over three years since the last Blood Moon!

The ever elusive and somewhat reclusive writer
A. Wuulf has invited all of Mosswood to her newly reclaimed home of Watchworth Manor in Oakrun, Willowglade to celebrate. Many whisker-laden whispers and hushed little voices have spoken of Watchworth Manor and it's mysterious past, and one simply cannot bring up the subject without mention of the Hauntings! Between spiders, spookies, and scares, will you make it the whole night and be rewarded with a breakfast fit for a king? Or will you scurry home with your tail between your paws?

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