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Would you like to join our team?

Badger & Bobcat is seeking more talented creatives to add to our team!


We are looking for more writers to contribute articles to the Forest Report, as well as NPC Letters, social media posting, and more. All staff positions are contracted and paid by volume on a monthly basis. Whether you are free to dive in and help develop our world on a permanent basis, or would just like to chip in when you have the free time, consider joining our Staff.

Please fill out the form below and we will reach out to set up a time to chat with you on your availability, related experience, and how we can work together to help our Forest grow.

Join our Creative Team!

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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Wordsy Wolf

     Jenn has never considered a hobby that hasn’t developed into a full fledged obsession. They love alternative fashion, Ttrpgs, of which they accumulate, arrange and GM far too many, and any craft they can do with their hands. They have seen most all the horror movies in existence, are an avid addict of the horror genre, and are getting their first bit of historical fiction published this year, which will mean they can call themselves a writer for realies.

     Jenn lives with their long time partner and two large cats in a too small apartment with too much stuff. They have recently left the retail field and entered the medical field, which is oddly less stressful and gives them more time to swear at a blank google doc and call it writing.

     They have been letter larping for something like 6 years, though have not been able to attend a IRL larp yet. Soon. They are a forever Dm of all sorts of games, and will write up a new one at the drop of a hat so please do not offer because they will write another game. They also have a place on the staff of several letter larps, and plan to do so for the foreseeable future.

     While their preferred genre is all thing tru crime and horror/thiller, Jenn has a secret addiction to japanese otome games. Recommendations are welcome.


Support Squab

     Meesh is a crafting addict. She spends her days crocheting plushies and dragonscale garb for herself and her larp friends, and when she’s tired of crochet, she’ll pick up her felting needles or cross stitching hoop and get to work doing an entirely unrelated project instead.

     Despite being a payroll auditor in day-to-day life, Meesh spends her free time volunteering at the local wildlife rehabilitation clinic or fostering some of their critters at home. Patients to date include squirrels, songbirds, raccoons, and raptors. It’s a busy (and smelly) time! Meesh majored in animal behavior, so once in a blue moon she’ll train dogs too.

     Meesh started larping in 2019, but has been roleplaying since well before that. She was ‘that’ girl in grade school who was obsessed with dragons, and unsurprisingly the vast majority of her rpg characters tend to be either dragony or dragon adjacent in some way.

     Meesh’s favorite real-world animal was a fruit bat because that was the closest she could get to dragons without saying dragons in an interview once. Now her favorite real world animal is a vampire bat because they’re one of the only animals shown to experience true altruism. How cool!


Occupational Owl
Jace Staff.png

     Jace works in IT, however their passion is writing and crafting. They refer to themselves as a collector of hobbies and are always working on some kind of project. While they work full time, they’re also working on a new adult fantasy trilogy but the book is sadly fighting back so development is slow. They are the Dragonmaster for the Amtgard Kingdom of the Rising Winds for Summer 2022.

     Jace also fosters cats, since they work from home they’re set up in such a way that they can foster kittens and bottle babies. Their most recent bottle kitten, Lord Ranger von Muffinshire the 3rd was a foster fail and is going to be staying with them.

     Jace has been Larping since 2014. They started with Amtgard and have done a variety of larps from Parlor larps such as Vampire the Masquerade to full weekend boffer larps like Not a Game Larp out of Cincinnati.  They have been roleplaying for as long as they can remember often stating “Since my Gaia online days” but it was really before that, but they have been playing TTRPGs for the last 12 years starting with Dungeons and Dragons 3.5. They are also a staff member and world plot at Not a Game Larp in Cincinnati.

     Jace is a potato enthusiast as well as a lover of good cheese, pastries and tea. They originally wanted to go to school to become a pastry chef, but this didn’t come to pass. They enjoy fibers and textile arts.


Worldly Wolf
Emily Staff.png

     Emily currently works as a corporate travel advisor and a freelance illustrator. She has volunteered at her local anime convention, Anime Nebraskon, as the Art and Branding Co-ordinator since 2017. Some of the work includes producing graphics, signage, social media imagery, merchandise design and designing the program booklets for the years 2019, 2021 and 2022.

     Emily currently lives with her boyfriend of 12 years and her 9 year old cat, Artemis. Aside from illustration, Emily finds joy in sewing, gothic lolita fashion, baking, and video games.

     Larping is a new area to Emily, but she used to roleplay with her friends in highschool. Each of her friends had a few characters that they would play as in a very informal IM format. Together they'd go through silly situations and interact. Then they would draw small comics related to the RP. In 2013 Emily began collecting board games and playing Dungeons and Dragons.

     Emily loves to daydream and create small stories. Someday she would like to write about them, but at this time she's too shy to share them.

Other Contributors

It takes a village to build a forest! Below are our various contributors that have helped out along the way in one fashion or another. We love our Contributors!


Creative Consultants

These invaluable Creative Consultants have helped shape the world of Mosswood while keeping it safe, accessible, and nondiscriminatory for all.


Our benevolent Benefactors have helped put Mosswood in your paws by assisting us in the funding for our initial start-up costs in early 2022.

Athena Peters

Many Anonymous Donors

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