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Change on the Horizon

We love our Forest, and all the Critters within it.

As a small company of two, with a small volunteer/freelance writing staff of four, the time has come to make some minor tweaks to provide the best possible game experience for all of our players. When we initially imagined this game in the beginning of 2022, neither partner in Badger & Bobcat, LLP had anticipated huge changes to our work lives happening within the same year. Fortunately, it has happened to both of us! (Hooray!)

These changes have, however, made our initially planned deadlines not only nearly impossible, but also intensely stress-inducing and life-affecting. Nothing makes me more sad than feeling like I am letting anyone down. One of our core goals when we imagined this world of woodland wonder was a calming, laid-back, and peaceful experience as a player, free of stress and uncertainty. These vibes have to come from within!

Starting this month, the Forest Report will be released on the 15th monthly, rather than the 1st. As an accountant, (working for a company whose fiscal month does not line up with the calendar month,) this is the most reliable timeframe for me to be able to outline, draft, delegate, communicate, write, edit, layout, upload, and print our publications. No player should feel shortchanged in the monthly publications due to a work schedule, and I'll not have it! Instead, we shift and grow to ensure that our quality does not decrease.

Due to this unexpected change, I'd like to point out a few things of note:

  • Swift Walnut's Old Oak Book Club will meet via Discord Chat on Tuesday 10/11

  • Mama Marjorie's Makers' Mixer will be held via Discord Chat on Tuesday 10/25

  • The Forest Calendar on the website will be updated by the end of October

  • Mossmail pick-up and Saturday Mailing dates should not see a change

Thank you for your understanding, as you have all waited so patiently for the October Report or news about it. As a bit of a sneaky peeky, on top of the Gourd Gala write-up, we have a few new Bold Beasts making an appearance this month, as well as a few goodbyes, and as always... the plot thickens!

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