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Critter Creation Craftsmanship

Do you have any questions about Critter Creation?

Chapter One of Mosswood sold out in twelve short hours, and we are blown away by the amazing group of players who have found us so far! We have a Wait-List for any future openings that may arise, and will reach out via e-mail should a spot open for you!

In the meantime, Our Staff and New Players are working hard to craft those Critters, build those Beasts, and style those Skyfolk as we get ready to hop, flap, and prowl our way into September! We'd like to share with you some statistics of Critter ideas so far. While many players love the idea of having a lot of other players in their Critter Type, we know that many enjoy playing something unique. Nothing is set in stone until you have received your Critter Sheet with your official approval, so if you change your mind at any step along the way, (even after game play begins,) it is always ok to contact us with an update.

Mostly, we just hope you find this information as fascinating as we do; we love to see how different groups of Players create their own character communities!

So far we have had 29 Players complete at least one of the three forms, and 11 are still pondering their options. Of those 29, these are the Critter Types they have considered in Form 1, selected in Form 2, or even been approved to play so far after submitting Form 3!

Looking for something unique? These 11 Critters have not been chosen yet in Chapter One!

Here are the current distributions by Group and by Neighborhood.

We also have a whole lot of new shops, restaurants, other businesses, and even doctors in town for Chapter One! Once we are through Critter Creation, stay tuned for a map of Mosswood with businesses and more!

And as a brief walkthrough of how the steps go:

  1. Critter Creation Forms: a) Form 1 of 3: Share with us your vague ideas b) Form 2 of 3: Make your final specific selections c) Form 3 of 3: Give us your character general details*

  2. Critter Approval: a) We provide a Critter Sheet PDF & profile pic to you b) We publish your Bio & update the Uploader links c) We provide a Player Token and Snail Trail

  3. Game play begins! a) You may start uploading and sending letters b) You may start uploading things for the Forest Report c) Have fun!

*Did you play in the Prologue / Play Test? This 3rd Form is brand new, and we need one from you, even if you have no changes to make! Can't find your link? Contact us!

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