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Critter Creation is in Full Swing

With 40 Players working hard on Critter Creation, we here at Mossquarters have been working around the clock to make sure you all have everything you need to get started on September 1st, and we couldn't be more excited!

If you have completed all three forms, you should be receiving an e-mail this week with your:

  • Critter Sheet - Full of your Critter's important details!

  • Player Token - Your PIN to access Mosswood upload forms!

  • Snail Trail or Flight Path - A link to track your incoming mail!

  • Link List - Everything you'll need to play, all on this website!

We are planning an Announcement Post here by the end of the month with the one most requested thing we have been unable to complete -- a letter writing guide! We will give you tips on how to reach out to other players, how to role play characters via long-term engagement, and what to expect as our stories unfold.

Were you a Play Tester? Remember to check your emails, as your Player Token and Snail Trail have both changed for Chapter One. We have worked out ways to keep Mossquarters more organized for Mail Day, and you will see the changes based on your Bundle subscription.

Not quite finished yet? Don't worry! You have until end of day August 29th to submit your third form and still be in the Forest Report and start gameplay on September 1st.

See you in the Forest!

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