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RSVP and select your mask for the October event by Friday, November 4th, 2022.

Check out our new events page!

Events | Mosswood LARP

On the website, our Forest Calendar now also contains information about events. All of the details about the Masquerade can be found there, including the RSVP link! Each month it will be updated with the information for the next event. Some will simply be a Google Form with a few questions, while others, (such as this Masquerade, hosted by PC Nathaniel Wilde,) will have online roleplay available through the Roleplay Roost on the Discord server.

Did you get the invitation or see the ad in the Forest Report, but don't have time to join the Discord chat? Alternately, do you want your Critter to attend, but 100% anonymously? Perhaps they snuck out of their home to attend in secret! Fill out the RSVP and you will have attended, and it's up to your Neighbors to figure out who you were! All Forest Reports and NPC Letters will refer to the Masquerade guests by their "Secret Identity"...can you figure out who wore what? Follow the breadcrumbs to figure out who spilled that drink, who danced with everyone there, or maybe even who tripped and fell into the punch bowl!

Go check out the masks, sign up to attend, and chat with other guests, but remember...keep your "Secret Identity" a secret during the Roleplay period! Then write to your Neighbors and sleuth for clues as to who wore what.

All events and online roleplay are opt-in.

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