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New Service: Postage Add-Ons!

We are excited to offer you two new services from Mossmail Headquarters!

Add-On Number One: Priority

Are you moving or going out of town, and want to receive a certain mailing before a certain date? Or are you sending something of value, such as handmade artwork or a purchased gift, and want to make sure your item gets to it's recipient with insurance and tracking?

Now you can!

Head over to Goods & Wares and purchase a One-Time Priority Add-On for only $7.50.

"But a Flat Rate Priority Envelope costs $9.90 to send!"

We do have a budget for mail, and we feel that charging $7.50 for the difference is fair.

Add-On Number One: Package Rate

Are you sending an item that does not count as a "Letter" or a "Flat" to one or more recipients, such as:

  • a rigid item or letter that does not bend easily,

  • an item or letter that is over 3/4" thick,

  • or a letter or item that causes more than 1/4" variation in the thickness of an envelope?

These letters or items get classified as "Package Rate," which begins at $4.80 and is based on weight and distance from Mossquarters. If you would like to send something to one or more recipients that will trigger the Package Rate upcharge, head over to Goods & Wares and purchase a One-Time Package Rate Add-On for only $3.50 per recipient.

"But you just said Package Rate starts at $4.80 per letter!"

To stay within our budget for mail, we feel that charging $3.50 for the difference is fair.

Postage and Add-On Notes:

  • If we receive an item from you that triggers the Package Rate upcharge and you have not purchased the Add-On, don't worry! We will reach out via Discord Support Ticket or email and hold the item until the additional postage is covered.

  • If you purchase an Add-On for a recipient that is already a Carrier Pigeon or Flight-Master player, (and therefore postage does not require an unplanned upcharge,) we will refund your purchase and let you know.

  • You may notice that postage has increased since our USPS pricing post was made in August. We will be verifying the new rates and updating the post soon!

We hope that these Add-Ons will enhance your game play by giving you more options that make the flow of mail move smoothly. As always, let us know if you have any questions!

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