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Play: Tested!

Three months have flown by, and our Play Test has concluded! We are all very excited for what's coming up on the horizon in Shademoor Forest. New Players, New Staff, even new NPCs, products, and plots!

If you are an Active or Veteran Player, be sure to check your e-mail for the password to renew. The Subscription Page will be password protected until August 8th, to allow all of you to renew before we open it up to the public. Also in today's email, you'll find the link for the Play Tester Survey! This is for Play Testers only, regardless of whether or not you've even finished Critter Creation, let alone sent any letters.

You are all valued, and we want input from all of you!

Are you a site member, but did not get a spot on the Play Test? We will publish an Announcement here when Subscriptions go live on the 8th, so stay tuned and keep those notifications on! Subscriptions for Chapter One will be limited to 40 Players. Remember; if you don't get a spot, you can still follow along with a $10 a month Support Bundle or $20 a month Reader Bundle, and have early access to Chapter Two! We will also be keeping a Wait-List, so always stay tuned for what's going on in Mossquarters.

We cannot overstate our appreciation for the support we've been shown as we start off on this journey. We have planted this Forest for you, and we want you to love it here as much as we do!

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