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Summertime in Mosswood!

As our Play Test winds down and we ramp up for the beginning of Chapter One, we wanted to highlight a few new features on our website. We will be running a full Play Tester Survey before launching Subscriptions in August, but wanted to celebrate the slight remodel of MosswoodLARP's website based on Play Test feedback and observations!

What's new in Mosswood this Summer?

  1. Our Menu has changed! The links at the top of the page are now more consistent, and hopefully more clear. We have also added and streamlined a few things!

  2. Announcements! You're looking at it! We are limited to how many batch emails we can send per month, (and have had issues with emails to active players going to spam or bouncing back for no reason,) so we will be utilizing this feature to share information and updates in a timely and useful manner. Players and Website Members should be receiving an email with each announcement.

  3. Quick Start Guide! As the full rules and guide can be overwhelming, (and not always necessary to get started writing and receiving letters,) we've made a quick link in the Menu that outlines how to begin your Mosswood journey. This will be available by August 8th for Subscription launch.

  4. Critter Bios! The page that shows the short biography of each active Critter is a challenge. With up to 40 players anticipated in Chapter One, we are working on streamlining this information so that it is easy to find and understand while also easy to load on any connection and device. This will be available by September 1st for Game Play launch.

  5. Forest Calendar! Curious when the next Mosswood Holiday is? Looking for deadlines on Event RSVP forms? Not sure when the Chapter ends or sign-ups begin? Check the new Calendar!

  6. Subscriptions! As planned, we will have the option to add on a physical Forest Report and/or a Priority Mail upgrade to your $30 monthly subscription. To streamline things, we have organized the options into four separate categories. We have also added two "Reader Subscriptions" for those out there who wish to follow along with a Chapter but are unable to participate. The details of the subscriptions, (such as how often mail is sent,) are still subject to change, pending our Play Test Survey results. These are all available to view now on our Subscriptions page.

  7. Goods & Wares! We will be offering items for sale in our Shoppe! Not only will you be able to purchase individual Forest Reports, but we plan to offer stationary items and Mossbadger exclusive products. Stay tuned for more information throughout the year as we expand our offerings and services.

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