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Vacancies have opened!

Are you ready to move to Mosswood?

Subscriptions for Chapter One are open until the town reaches max capacity of 40 Players or Monday, August 22, 2022, whichever comes first!

What to expect when you sign up: 1. You should receive an automated email with the link to begin Critter Creation with questions about you, the Player. 2. Once the first form is approved, we will send you the second form. This will look similar, but have more detailed questions about your Critter.

3. When we have approved the basics, you will receive the third and final form. This form will look a bit different, and will have questions about what we should post as your Critter Bio, as well as some questions to help make decisions about your Critter's behavior. 4. Once we have received all of this info, we will send you a Critter Sheet with all of your details! you will also receive your Player Token, (used to upload letters,) and your Snail Trail link, Used to track your incoming mail!)

At any point during the process, we may reach out if we have any questions, and you are welcome to do the same!

In the meantime, we have been working on revamping the Rulebook, Player Guide, and website, so stay tuned for those announcements as well. No major changes, just some clarifications and edits. It is time to go forth, and subscribe! 🐾

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