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How do I get started?

Easy as 1,2,3; A,B,C!

1. Signing Up



Sign up:

When you first sign up for a paid subscription, you will receive an automated e-mail. We reach out through e-mail monthly, so make sure you use an active account and check your spam, junk, and other folders. If you still have not received your welcome e-mail within 24 hours, please reach out to us!

To get the most our of your new Forest Life, you will be invited to sign up as a member of this website to follow our Announcements blog, and as a member of our private Discord community.


Start planning your Critter:

Game play and publications are open to all Players who have an approved Critter. 

Would you like to play a timid Gentle Critter, a carnivorous Bold Beast, or a winged Savvy Skyfolk?

Would you prefer to live in the heavily wooded Willowglade on the edge of town, or the rolling meadows and lush farmland of Brambleton, or maybe the quaint riverside downtown community of Pebblebrook? Check out the About page to read more about them!

Choose a Subscription:

The full game is available for $30 a month as the
"Snail Mail Bundle."

Do you love receiving physical items in the mail? The "Post-Master Bundle" includes a printed Forest Report for only $6 more a month!

Want your mail a little faster, and with tracking numbers?

"Carrier Pigeon Bundle" and the "Flight-Master Bundle" are the same subscriptions, but for this $13 a month upgrade, your mail will all be send via USPS Priority Service!

2. Critter Creation



Critter Creation Form 2:

The second form is a more in-depth questionnaire about your Critter.

Think about your Critter's past, their hobbies, and their interests. Are you looking for inter-paw-sonal drama? Maybe friendship and romance? Maybe fame and glory? Tell us about it! This information will be private, to help us know what to share about your Critter in publications and NPC letters.

Remember; you can join our private Discord community for Critter Connections and ideas!


Critter Biography:

Every Active Critter has a Bio written by the player. These are available here on our website, and in it's own Channel in our private  Discord community!

Once we have received your second form, gone over any questions with you, and approved it as an Active Critter, you will be sent the specific format for our Official Bios.

We will then create your own unique Profile Image and get you set up to play! Check out our current Active Critters here:

Critter Creation Form 1:

The first form is a brief overview of your player preferences and personal information for our private player records.

Sometimes players or Forest NPC's will send out physical gifts and mementos. We make sure all allergens and aversions are known and respected. We also ask about potential triggers and conflicts, so as not to put any player in a difficult position. Check out our Rules page for more information.

Once approved, we will reach out!

3. Game Play




Send up to 15 letters from your Active Critter every month to our PO Box here at Mossquarters! Our Staff sorts and processes all letters and sends them out to their recepients.

Not sure what to write about? Check the Forest Report and Critter Bios for anything that jumps out at you, and remember; "Cold Call" letters are always ok! Be on the lookout for in-game events to give you ideas and stories to share as well.

Check out the Sending Letters section of our Guide for more tips.



Every letter sent to us has to first be scanned and uploaded. We read them for content and safety. Something your Critter says in a letter might make it into a Forest Report or NPC letter as gossip!

You can also upload a story, article, ad, or another form of artwork to our Forest Report Directly.

Big character changes this month? Tell us about it! This way we have more gossip and can update our records. The links for Uploads are available on our Resources page:


Every brand new Critter who has not existed in a previous Chapter will receive a Welcome Letter with your first Mosswood Memento!

Each month you will receive one letter from a Forest NPC, and a password to the monthly Forest Report! Did you choose the Post-Master or Flight-Master Bundle? You'll get a physical copy, as well! Up to 4 times a month, we send out any mail your Critter has received.

Miss a Chapter? Snag yourself the Forest Report back issues here!

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